Friday, July 20, 2007

My Future Childrens Tabloid Future

So Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden are having a kid. awesome.


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Money cant help this kid. I fully expect my future children to be buying tabloid magazines with this kid on the front ...the anorexic, drug addicted spoiled brat...continuing the legacy.

I just hope she puts on some weight to support this baby.
Can a body like this
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actually support seems as if its barely holding on to its own.

good luck in life nicjoel.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I came across Dustin Diamond's rider for performances.
my favorite is #18...regarding 'OVERSELLING OF THE HOUSE"
this cant happen.
If it does it it cant be because of real interests?
purely to be part of the train wreck right?
to witness it?
i dont get it.
even for this blog...i still wouldn't go see dustin douchebag. well maybe if this blog took off and i got some kind of benefit...but at this

What a Douche

Friday, July 6, 2007

Courtesy of Lilith from the Evil Slut Clique.

No matter how hard this guy tries to escape his will never work.
this is Dustin Diamond...forever.
he can dip his cock in wax and make fake dildos of himself, he can beg for people to save his house, he can look like the bag of old lady douche that he is on Celebrity FitClubs til all the dieting cows come home....
this... this will forever be Dustin Diamond the bag of douche.

Tobeys acting is better in this than his spiderman movies.
Only one person can be that stupid and thats Dustin pull off this acting feat... OSCAR worthy...cuz Tobey McGuire DEFINITELY had to reach deep for this one.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I am sad that i am in jail..that's a medical condition right? sadness?

OMG... I called it... Paris Hilton out in 3 days. What i did not expect was her ass getting sent back to jail. I had a discussion with a friend of mine earlier today about this whole sitch. She is of the opinion that she should never have had to go to jail in the first place. That a "regular" person would maybe have got community service and a large fine or something like that, which is possible and i don't necessarily disagree with her. The laws don't really waiver though, she may have got the top punishment when others might have gotten a lesser one...but they don't just make up punishments... by law...this was a just punishment one could be given for her crime. I thought the original 45 days was a bit extreme...and honestly i think 23 is a bit much too. If i am not mistaken, her drunk driving charge ...was like a alcohol limit of .08 or a cocktail. C'mon... yes its illegal..i get that and yes she got pulled over for doing stupid shit so she she should be punished i suppose but for the number of times i have had a beer and drove home a half hour seems a bit extreme.
That being said...she broke the law. The law should be changed if we start questioning whether or not someone really broke it at a .08 or whatever.
Then...she KNOWINGLY... drove on her suspended license... she wouldn't be in this mess if she hadn't...and maybe even if she did...if she would have put her HEADLIGHTS on as not to draw attention to her fucking gazillion dollar sports car...she would have never even been on the radar.
So with all that being said...i cant really feel bad for her. The fact that she was sentenced to 23 days and got out in 3 because of a "medical condition" is just ludicrous. There are people with cancer, with psychological ailments, and i believe even people who were drunk and got injured in a drunk driving accident spend time in jail injured. What possible ailment does Ms. Hilton have that is so bad she cant sit in a jail cell all day?
please. Does it affect her ability to shop? Drink and Drive? Stare at herself in the mirror for hours on end? doubt it. Its just a ridiculous ploy to get her out of her punishment.
So apparently she gets death threats...of course she does... she probably does on the "outside" too. People have it in for her. She is actually probably safer inside jail than walking around.
So i read today that she was crying and screaming as she was told she was going back to the pokey.
It probably looked something like this:
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MOMMY!!! pay more money!! Make it stop! I am a celebutante!

I know her past actions dont have anything to do with why she is in jail but she deserves some time to "reflect" on her life in a jail cell.
She is constantly in the tabloids for doing mean, stupid, childish shit. Completley out of control. She has been sued by other famous people for defamation, etc.
She isnt this innocent person who just got in over her least from an outsider reading a tabloid point of view. ahhaha.
She is an idiot.
I love my tabloids, I for one would like a break from her dumb ass face in all my mags. ahhaha.
I see a new porno being released "one nite in paris' jail cell"...with all her new lesbians.
Why not? she walks around with her ass hanging out and making sex tapes with her boyfriends that accidently end up on the web... with equipment like night vision ahhaha.... why not a little lesbian romp in jail porno to really push her celebrity to the stratosphere.
I imagine it like this:
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Do these Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket hurt when they start to grow out?... do they grow out painfully in 3 days and you need medical care?

Seriously...what the hell could she possibly have that ointment or a pill couldnt fix..that she needed out of jail...claustrophobia? cuz her bedroom in her house is larger than most families of 4's entire home and so her little 6x9 is just causing her great stress?...maybe we should let the claustrophobic murderers out too! ok thats extreme...but you get my point...

Doesn't matter if you think she should have been sentenced to this or not, the bottom line was/is..she was and she should get the same treatment that anyone else would... i highly highly doubt she has any medical condition that would stop her from hanging out in a building all day. Just seeing her out and about and partying like she does ..doesn't lend itself to any kind of condition that should prevent her from serving the time she was given. AND! if she DOES have one...why wasnt that brought up and put into consideration BEFORE she was sentenced. The judge specifically said she was not allowed to not serve her time...if it was a real issue why didnt her attorney bring it up as a reason why another form of punishment should be given?
because there isnt an issue..its a sneaky way of her getting out of it--and that i dont agree with.
How hard can this Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be?
paris hilton is a douchebag.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Off Douche Diamond for a second. I would like to talk about two total douchebag-ettes. Not that all the chicks on the Charm School VH1 show arent douches...they totally are--but two stand out beyond the rest--evildouches.
I dont even recall their names... I prefer Evil and her sidekick EvilsSidekick.

Evil: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

EvilsSidekick: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Evil can barely hide her evilness... pops off every chance she gets and refuses to take criticism...uh hello you are on a show based on the fact that you are a dillhole and need help...take the criticism.
Her plan to get a couple of chicks kicked off the show was to hide one of the gals pictures of her dead mother under another girls bed and then stir shit up when the gal was asking where is was.
Her and evilssidekick hide it and the gal is frantically running around asking everyone and they both sit there and are like "i bet so and so did it"... so douchelike.
So they find ends up working, the gal they wanted out gets kicked out for something she didnt do (although she has been proven a theif in the past..yeah great group)
and these two douche-ettes cant even hold back the smirks til they get back to their rooms.

Now I realize they are on a show and all that... one of the gals has half naked pics of herself on the internet-so probably trying to get as much infamy as possible but please... so childish.
The thing that gets me is they actually get it to work!
The gal whose bed it was put under wasnt even around! The gal whos picture it was didnt remember the last time she saw it and noticed it was went missing while the girl wasnt even there?
stupid asses.
perhaps it was all edited to get me riled up...i think they do it on purpose.

These kids think they are so cool.. I feel kinda sorry for evilssidekick ...she kinda goes along...probably thinking she would like to do it but wouldnt actually go thru with it...good thing EVIL is there to help!

idiots. all of them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


YES! This is a prime example of why Dustin Diamond is a total DOUCHEBAG! AHAHHAHAH.
Douche Diamond on Celebrity Fit Club.
This fucking idiot... I know people who "argue" this way. Its not really an argument. Arguments tend to have two people involved and you go back and forth and work out the issue.
Not with Douche Diamond--he says something that would lead anyone into an "argument" then he combats everything you say by saying he didn't say it--if it is not EXACTLY as he said have ALL your facts wrong!
For instance, he tells Harvey a former marine that if Harvey would fight him he would do it... This Mutherfucker boxes probably the ONLY nerdier ex-television star-that Welcome Back Cotter dude and suddenly he thinks he can take on Marines trained to kill if need be... PRICELESS. AHHAHAHAH.
So...when Harvey gets bent and is like basically reacting to what Douche just said... Douche is like I DIDNT SAY THAT, DID I SAY THAT!
Who fucking offers themselves up to fight if they KNOW they cant win?
Dustin...yes you basically said it you fucking fuck.
As Harvey is going off on how badly he would smash Douche... Douche is sitting there like "would you, would you?" Uh ... you are basically saying you think you even stand a chance... YOU FUCKING IDIOT... YET he prefers to argue that he never said it...why? because it wasn't his exact words.
God i hate this idiot.

I included the longer version show how this blow up came to be.
Really...all that matters is this one though-- I LOVE the ending when Harvey says something to the effect of " put that in your Vspot, bitch!" AAAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHA SO AWESOME.

(vspot for those that don't know is what VH1's online video thingy you can go and see "behind the scenes", etc. from the shows)

I could watch this over and over.


The Long version--censored...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Yep... I did it.

Ok, this is my first blog post about how much Dustin Diamond is a total Douchebag and how i wish he would disappear from TV for ever.

I pretty much think he is the king of idiots. I have been watching Celebrity Fit Club and NOT because he is sooo cool and the only "real" celebrity on there as he would like to think... no i have been watching because he is a total train wreck. He has no real people skills, no real talent, he is rude and obnoxious and i fucking hate his stupid ass dorky face.
What child actor do you know that grew up and looks just as fucking dorky as he did as a kid. Even the other kids that played dorks grew up to look a little better. Not this fuck.

God... please remove him from all things "entertainment"